Thames Diesel are proud to be a UK distributor for  WENCON®


Thames Diesel, a prominent name in marine services, proudly offers an extensive range of WENCON products, setting a new standard in marine maintenance and repair solutions.

Renowned for their exceptional quality and effectiveness, WENCON products are trusted by maritime professionals worldwide.

From epoxy repair compounds to specialized coatings, Thames Diesel provides access to WENCON's innovative solutions designed to address a diverse array of maintenance challenges faced by vessels of all sizes.

With Thames Diesel's commitment to excellence and WENCON's cutting-edge technology, maritime operators can confidently enhance the durability and performance of their assets, ensuring smooth sailing and operational efficiency on the open seas.

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WENCON Epoxy Repair Compounds

WENCON epoxy repair compounds are versatile solutions for repairing a wide range of damages in marine environments.

They consist of high-quality epoxy resins combined with various fillers, providing excellent adhesion and strength.

These compounds are ideal for repairing cracks, leaks, and corrosion damage on metal, concrete, and composite surfaces found on ships, offshore platforms, and marine infrastructure.

With their easy-to-use application and rapid curing properties, WENCON epoxy repair compounds offer efficient and long-lasting repairs, ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of marine assets.

WENCON Coatings

WENCON coatings are advanced protective coatings designed to combat corrosion and erosion in aggressive marine environments.

Formulated with specialized additives and resins, these coatings create a durable barrier that shields surfaces from saltwater, chemicals, and abrasive wear.

They are applied to various substrates, including steel, aluminum, and concrete, to prevent deterioration and extend the service life of marine structures, such as ship hulls, ballast tanks, and offshore installations.

WENCON coatings are available in a range of formulations to meet specific application requirements, providing superior protection and performance in harsh maritime conditions.

WENCON Aqua-Fast Underwater Repair Putty

WENCON Aqua-Fast underwater repair putty is a unique solution for conducting fast and reliable repairs on submerged surfaces without the need for dry docking.

This two-component epoxy putty is specially formulated to cure rapidly in wet conditions, allowing repairs to be carried out swiftly underwater.

It adheres strongly to various substrates, including steel, concrete, and plastics, forming a watertight seal that restores structural integrity to damaged areas such as hulls, pipelines, and underwater infrastructure.

WENCON Aqua-Fast putty is an essential tool for maintenance and repair operations in marine environments, enabling vessels and offshore assets to remain operational with minimal downtime.

WENCON Repair Kits

WENCON repair kits provide comprehensive solutions for addressing common maintenance and repair needs encountered in maritime applications.

These kits include a selection of WENCON products tailored to specific repair requirements, such as surface preparation, crack filling, and corrosion protection.

Each kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary materials and tools for conducting effective repairs on-site, ensuring convenience and efficiency for marine maintenance personnel.

WENCON repair kits are available in various configurations to suit different vessel types and applications, providing cost-effective solutions for maintaining the integrity and reliability of marine assets.

WENCON Adhesives and Sealants

WENCON adhesives and sealants are specially formulated to bond and seal various materials commonly used in marine construction and repair applications.

They offer excellent adhesion, flexibility, and chemical resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of bonding and sealing tasks on ships, offshore platforms, and marine infrastructure.

Whether it's bonding metal plates, sealing joints, or repairing composite structures, WENCON adhesives and sealants provide reliable performance in challenging maritime environments.

With their durable and waterproof properties, they help prevent leaks, corrosion, and structural failures, contributing to the safety and longevity of marine assets.


Typical Applications

WENCON products cater to a diverse market sector primarily focused on marine maintenance, repair, and construction.

These sectors include commercial shipping, offshore oil and gas exploration, maritime transportation, naval operations, and marine infrastructure development.

In the commercial shipping industry, WENCON products are indispensable for repairing and maintaining vessels' structural integrity, hulls, ballast tanks, and propulsion systems. They also find extensive use in offshore oil and gas platforms for corrosion protection, pipeline repair, and structural reinforcement in harsh marine environments. Maritime transportation companies rely on WENCON solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of their fleets by addressing corrosion, leaks, and wear on critical components.

Naval operations utilize WENCON products for ship maintenance, dockyard repairs, and fleet upkeep, enhancing operational readiness and longevity. Furthermore, WENCON coatings and repair compounds are instrumental in marine infrastructure projects, such as port facilities, docks, bridges, and seawalls, providing durable protection against corrosion and erosion.

Typical applications of WENCON products include repairing cracks, leaks, and corrosion damage on metal, concrete, and composite surfaces, as well as coating and sealing various substrates to prevent deterioration and extend service life. WENCON's Aqua-Fast underwater repair putty enables swift and reliable repairs to be conducted on submerged surfaces without dry docking, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous operation of vessels and offshore installations.

Overall, WENCON products play a vital role in maintaining the integrity, safety, and efficiency of marine assets across various sectors.

Why Choose Thames Diesel?

  • Expertise: Thames Diesel offers expert knowledge and guidance on WENCON products, ensuring customers receive tailored solutions for their specific marine maintenance and repair needs.
  • Convenient Access: Ordering through Thames Diesel provides convenient access to a comprehensive range of WENCON products, including epoxy repair compounds, coatings, and underwater repair putty, all in one place.
  • Reliable Support: Thames Diesel provides reliable customer support, assisting with product selection, application advice, and troubleshooting to ensure successful outcomes for marine maintenance projects.
  • Timely Delivery: With efficient logistics and distribution channels, Thames Diesel ensures timely delivery of WENCON products to customers, minimizing downtime and keeping marine operations on schedule.
  • Competitive Pricing: Thames Diesel offers competitive pricing on WENCON products, providing cost-effective solutions for marine maintenance and repair while maintaining high standards of quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical applications for WENCON products?

WENCON products are used in various marine maintenance and repair applications, including repairing cracks, leaks, and corrosion damage on ship hulls, ballast tanks, pipelines, and offshore structures.

They are also used for coating and protecting surfaces against corrosion and erosion in harsh marine environments.

How do I choose the right WENCON product for my application?

Choosing the right WENCON product depends on factors such as the type of substrate, the extent of damage, and environmental conditions.

Our team at Thames Diesel can provide expert guidance to help you select the most suitable product for your specific needs.

Are WENCON products easy to apply?

Yes, WENCON products are designed for ease of application, with straightforward instructions provided with each product.

However, for optimal results, it's recommended to follow proper surface preparation techniques and application guidelines.

Our team can offer assistance and advice to ensure successful application.

Do WENCON products comply with industry standards and regulations?

Yes, WENCON products meet stringent quality standards and are formulated to comply with relevant industry regulations and certifications.

They undergo rigorous testing to ensure performance and reliability in marine environments.

Can WENCON products be used for underwater repairs?

Yes, WENCON offers specialized products, such as the Aqua-Fast underwater repair putty, designed specifically for underwater repairs without the need for dry docking.

These products cure rapidly even in wet conditions, enabling swift and reliable repairs to submerged surfaces.