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Thames Diesel proudly offers a comprehensive range of Vulkan products, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance in marine and industrial applications.

With over 130 years of expertise, Vulkan leads the industry in highly flexible couplings, cardan shafts, and drivetrain solutions.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that customers receive genuine Vulkan products, backed by our knowledgeable staff who provide expert advice and support.

Whether you're in need of reliable propulsion systems for marine vessels or efficient machinery components for industrial applications, Thames Diesel is your trusted source for Vulkan solutions.

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Denflex Rigid Coupling
Discflex DNZG
Metaflex Joint Shaft Coupling
Propflex Propeller Shaft Coupling
V Series
VD Series
VDM M-Series
Vulkan Flexible Couplings

DENFLEX is a rigid coupling for uniform torque transmission. The tooth gear profile enables high torque to be transmitted even in the smallest dimensions. DENFLEX also compensates axial, radial and angular misalignments without generating high reaction forces.

DISCFLEX couplings are suitable for a range of industrial applications where torque is transmitted from the input shaft to the output shaft alternately through traction and compression of the flexible element.

The METAFLEX joint shaft metal and stainless steel coupling is a torsionally stiff link style coupling.

Due to the all-metal design the coupling is widely dirt and temperature resistant.

The bending flexible link element of the coupling consists of layered rings which are made from stainless steel.

The coupling is maintenance free.

It is based on a modular system with a small number of individual components resulting in easy assembly and disassembly.

Standard nominal torque rating is up to 120 kNm whereby the coupling features small diameter and low mass moments of inertia.

Special designs, higher nominal torque capacities and higher permissible speeds are available on request.

The PROPFLEX coupling is a flexible displacement coupling for different application areas.

Torque transmission with simultaneous compensation of displacement occurs through rubber bushes.

Through these especially developed rubber bushes, noise-reducing properties are achieved that are clearly superior to those of conventional displacement couplings.

Thus the PROPLEX coupling satisfies the most rigorous comfort requirements by isolating the vibrations of the transmission from the ship structure.

The PROPFLEX portfolio consists of three different versions, the displacement
coupling PROPFLEX N and the propeller shaft couplings PROPFLEX S and PROPFLEX T. The PROPFLEX N is characterized by outstanding displacement capacities with simultaneous isolation of vibration.

The PROPFLEX coupling in combination with elastic mounts is an elementary component in the overall acoustic concept.

The RATO DG and RATO DG+ engine drive couplings have been specially designed for use in installations requiring a medium level of torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity.

These couplings are used for drives with rigidly mounted diesel and gas engines and electric motors in marine and offshore applications as well as stationary installations (power plants).

By virtue of its construction, it is also ideally suited for positioning drives, since it is supported vertically when installed upright.

The range of torsional stiffness available allows fine-tuning with regard to the steady-state and transient torsional vibration response.

The high torque flexible Vulkan RATO DS and RATO DS+ couplings have been specially designed for use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and medium level of misalignment capacity. Supplementing the all-round marine engine couplings RATO S and RATO S+.

The RATO DS / RATO DS+ couplings has been developed to offer an application-orientated coupling design.

Specially for rigidly mounted ship´s main propulsion.

The available stiffnesses enable a good tuning of the system with respect to both the transient and steady-state torsional vibration response.

In the tradition of VULKAN Couplings, a backlash-free torque transmission is achieved.

Complementary to the all-round couplings RATO S and RATO S+ the high torque flexible coupling RATO R and RATO R+ has been specially designed for use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity.

Inherent features of the design include the high dynamic load capacity and good rotational dynamic properties due to the low rotating inertias.

The area of application is primarily in high-speed main/PTO systems driven by a Diesel engine or electric motor.

In the low to middle torque range where the handling and installation of a complete element is practicable the couplings RATO R and RATO R+ are an additional alternative.

With the introduction of the ACOTEC range, smaller sizes with higher power density provide good price/ performance ratio.

The highly flexible couplings RATO S and RATO S+ are torsionally flexible rubber couplings that compensates radial, axial and angular shaft displacements of the connected machinery.

The torque is transmitted by elements loaded in shear.

The different torsional stiffnesses and damping factors available provide the possibility to satisfactorily tune the torsional vibration behaviour of the drive system.

The essential parts of the coupling are:

  • the torsional flexible element
  • the membrane package to absorb the axial and angular displacements
  • the connecting parts to the drive and driven machinery

The highly elastic V Series has been developed primarily for mounting assembled engine-gearbox-drive installations.

Owing to the tri-axial stiffness, the V Series is an excellent choice for thrust transfer with minor displacements across high stiffness in the longitudinal direction, while the residual low stiffness of the other two axes ensures excellent vibration insulation from the engine and the gearbox.

The V14/25 bearing is provided with height adjustment and a built-in limiter, therefore representing an ideal choice for high-speed yachts and small boats

The rubber elements of the VD Series vibration isolation mounts bear the load with a combination of shear and compression strain, as a result of which you get optimal vibration-insulated performance of the machine mounted.

The stability is ensured by the ratio of stiffness in the three load directions.

The top metallic cover protects the rubber element against ozone, UV radiation, fuel or oil. Impurities from these substances may cause considerable damage to the natural rubber.

Deployment is intended for ambient temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +70 °C.

The top metallic cover of the VD Series has a centralised limiter for portable applications and restricts the vertical upward movements.

The VD-S series is suitable for permanently stationary applications.

The VDM-M Series vibration damping mounts provide optimal performance in applications where damping and stability are absolutely necessary.

The optimised stiffness level in the three directions ensures a high degree of vibration insulation and at the same time, the VDM-M Series is in position to absorb longitudinal loads.

The insulation in vertical and lateral direction is achieved by low stiffness.

The integrated limiter in the VDM-M Series provides fail-safe protection for mobile applications.

This device limits vertical and lateral movements when the mounting is submitted to shock inputs.

These mounts are suitable for a wide areas of applications ranging from the main drive on ships to generator set, pumps and compressors right up utility vehicles.

The VULKAN VULASTIK L highly flexible coupling is an axial pluggable highly flexible coupling developed for a variety of different applications.

Four rubber qualities and silicone coupling are available in order to tune the coupling to the various system requirements.

VULKAN VULASTIK L highly flexible couplings are available with one elastic element in standard design or as dual execution with two parallel elements.

The main parts of the VULASTIK L highly flexible coupling are the hub and a flanged casing.

Between these, the disc-shaped element is arranged.

This disc element is vulcanized at its inner radius, the outer radius is connected to the flanged casing by a plug-in toothing.

This toothing provides the axial plug-in feature and compensation of shaft displacements.

Typical Applications

Vulkan Kupplungs products cater to a diverse range of market sectors, primarily focusing on marine and industrial applications.

In the marine sector, Vulkan's highly flexible couplings, cardan shafts, and drivetrain solutions are essential components in propulsion systems for various vessels, including commercial ships, naval vessels, and luxury yachts. These products play a critical role in ensuring smooth power transmission, minimizing vibration, and enhancing overall performance.

In the industrial sector, Vulkan products find applications in a wide array of machinery and equipment, such as pumps, compressors, generators, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Their flexible couplings and dampers help to mitigate torsional vibrations, extending the lifespan of machinery and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, Vulkan's expertise in vibrations and acoustics makes their products ideal for industries where noise and vibration reduction are paramount, such as power generation, mining, and manufacturing.

Overall, Vulkan Kupplungs products serve industries where reliability, durability, and performance are non-negotiable, making them indispensable components in critical machinery and equipment across the globe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Vulkan Kupplungs products primarily used for?

Vulkan Kupplungs specializes in highly flexible couplings, cardan shafts, and drivetrain solutions primarily used in marine and industrial applications.

These products ensure smooth power transmission, minimize vibration, and enhance overall performance in various machinery and equipment.

What sets Vulkan Kupplungs products apart from other brands?

Vulkan Kupplungs has over 130 years of experience and is recognized as a world leader in its field.

Their products are renowned for their exceptional quality, reliability, and innovative design, making them the preferred choice for demanding marine and industrial applications.

How can Vulkan Kupplungs products benefit my business?

Vulkan Kupplungs products offer numerous benefits, including improved operational efficiency, reduced downtime, extended machinery lifespan, and enhanced safety.

By minimizing vibration and ensuring smooth power transmission, these products contribute to overall productivity and cost savings.

Does Vulkan Kupplungs offer custom solutions?

Yes, Vulkan Kupplungs has a global presence and is known for providing tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

Their team of experts works closely with clients to develop customized products and solutions that address unique challenges and applications.

Where can I purchase Vulkan Kupplungs products?

Vulkan Kupplungs products, including flexible couplings, cardan shafts, and drivetrain solutions, are available through authorized distributors and dealers worldwide.

Thames Diesel is proud to offer genuine Vulkan products along with expert advice and support.